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Day Grandmother and Grandfather's Day

dzien babci i dzien  dziadka

dzien babci i dziadka

Grandmother's Day and the Day of Dziadka.mpg

dla babci i  dziadka zyczenia

Let grandpa with GrandMa long as we live,
while the mosquito and fly sea not they drink.
And you mucho, you mosquito, drink water slowly,
let grandpa with grandma nażyją will.

dzien babci

January 21 - Grandma's Day

dzien dziadka

January 22 - Grandfather's Day

dzien babci i dziadka agusi

Drive grandchildren streets
with huge laurkami.
These rave full of flowers
are all grandmothers and grandfathers.
A grandparent with grandmothers
already waiting in front of houses.
Through binoculars looking into the distance
dressed up like a ball.

dzien babci i dziadka 3

Grandmother with grandfather celebrate today,
all the children, so they work
Clash chicken in every angle,
Keep an order today.
The kitchen already shining plates,
Granddaughter grandmother's blouse feathers
Wnusio already given slippers,
really loves his grandmother.
Today, all the sorrows away!
Feast of Grandparents important thing!

dzien dziadka i  babci zyczenia 3


On the occasion of Grandparents
I wish you all what you dream
and I want to thank you
for your effort and hard work

Your granddaughter

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