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Have a nice day

Joy and smiles this summer life.

Add a smile to smile,
and for that handful of sensitivity.
Day hello radially,
Then joy will stay in it.
And solar variability,
and let you favors
a bad mood let you,
Bypasses ... from afar. ....


In the morning I open my eyes
the sun has got up and smiles
I think about the dreams of night
I see another man
In the morning everything comes to life
lark begins to sing
tree bow greets us
good morning how are you?

milego dnia slon 294x300

Look at the flowers, which in the morning with a smile greet the morning,
chalices tended toward the sun lovingly ..
And sharing the fragrant breath of pleasure,
Whispered about happiness and spring.
And The Sun covered them all in embrace,
Tulac radiant arm
To life was with joyful breath
and man also felt the spring ..
Have a nice sunny day, I wish you.

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Honey has a very beautiful customs,
says good morning like getting up in the morning -
and I'll say good morning sweetheart,
warmly embrace, kiss sweet!

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The sun is shining, strongly heats
even the wind is not blowing here today.
So get dressed and get up in August,
Joy to the world today give away.