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How to submit your wishes
By thy sighs were worth
Money - is not everything
The car - a waste landfill
On your birthday, I wish you my heart
Love and love
Until the very zwariowania

cake birthday 281x300

Joyous day, day only
today is your birthday,
From my heart I offer you greetings
good luck, good luck
guests of nice, basket of flowers
power toasts and cheers

Goes teddy bear, elephant walks,
doll goes well and tailstock,
all together with balloons,
with best wishes,
because it is very joyful day,
you have a one year old more

On such a beautiful and wonderful
I wish you the heart of the whole
the power of a smile and joy
but the most beautiful love.
Let you on a day like this
all the care they shall flee hen.
Let your soul zither game
These wishes I offer you ... I

happy birthday agusi 300x240

It is in such a day,
In the sorrows go into the shadows,
So to celebrate this day
Listen to what you wish me:
Good health and happiness,
Luck in life and love,
Power beautiful impressions
I fulfill all your dreams.

kartka z zyczeniami 3 300x225

How many worker bees in the hive,
While the train passes switches,
counts how many flowers meadow,
how many dots a ladybug,
so much happiness and sweetness
Day Birthday wishes to you ...

All that was your dream ..
What is and will be in the future,
do not let him pass with a sigh
but it is fulfilled in its entirety.
Everything beautiful and desired
let it be fulfilled in your life!

tort 3 300x245

I wish you ...
Peaceful sleep ...
and joyful awakening;
Sometimes ... you could afford it,
What a long time you wanted,
and not only on what you must suffice;
So many good memories ... you through it
could survive the bad times;
... Spring - this delight,
which still surpasses your expectations;
... You always been someone needed;
... The joy when someone's face
brighter for your view,
or when you see the beloved person
at the end of the platform;
... The joy of thinking, focus, gaze,
triumph of understanding
and satisfaction of creating ...
... You found happiness,
're looking for.

happy birthday

I wish you that you found some time for yourself,
you went the opposite,
you looked into your soul
and you know how to keep their distance
between their actions and desires.
I wish you you you felt the limits of their confidence,
you found the silence of your thoughts and dreams,
and people close to you the power and beauty of creation,
in the surrounding world the joy of existence,
colors, flavors and scents size of inspiration,
and their love ...

dla ciebie czekoladki 300x219

Wishes for you:
No peeking back,
Go ahead through life,
Secretly has a crush on,
Control their desires,
Earn money
Underestimate pętaków,
Avoid crooks,
Rules follow,
At a lean,
But above all,
See them all!


Every year a day,
care when they go into the shadows.
So to celebrate this day,
listen to what I wish you myself.
Good luck, power of joy,
little sadness, prosperity.
To do what you dream come true,
and that you love your forever was.

tort gif 300x300

On the occasion of your Christmas wish you:
For the only tears that will appear in your eyes
They were crystal tears of joy,
To a joyful smile on your face
Not covered the heavy clouds of sorrow,
To be able to look into his soul
I could find what is most important for loved ones and you,
To be in the dead of silence could find his thoughts and dreams,
When something in your life goes wrong, breaks down, you could
Build it from scratch with the same bricks, though
It is difficult, because it is inscribed on them unpleasant past,
To rose petals littering the path of your destination,
And happiness, health, joy and love, were destined thy days ...

Z najlepszymi zyczeniami 2 300x214

Birthday joyful day,
Full of the fragrance of spring flowers.
Today I want to submit your wishes
Happiness, health, success.
Let the sun shine brightly on you,
And the joy of the day fly.
Let them go sorrows of concern,
That there was a day of joy.
These wishes from afar,
Flow like a great river.
And although modestly arranged,
They are designed for you.

happy birthday

Birthdays care about today,
So I wish you all the best,
hope in your heart, believe in yourself,
accurate zrządzeń fate,
as there are stars in the sky,
many impressions and the sea of ​​joy,
dreams come true and endless love,
Fortunately, her hands feet every day
wish you the ...


Today is the day on which the sorrows go into the shadows,
a dream come true and encouragement they add.
Each consists of you wishes - happiness, health, success.
And I wish you love and joy and life without pain.
That every day was one in which the sun is giving signs,
that close to you is someone who really wants to love you.

urodzinowe zyczenia 300x227

What lodge you wish to be worth thy sighs,
money - is not everything,
car - a waste landfill.
On the day of your birth, such requests will offer you here:
a lot of smiles, a little anger,
Long years of life, happiness,
good health and well-being,
The least sorrow, a lot of joy,
Lots of adventures, sea experience,
Let those accompanied by consent,
Eternal as thy beauty,
Power sweetness, bitterness nothing,
That you ... wishes!

urodziny kartka sto lat 300x225

Wishes are something very important
- Especially on birthdays.
So I wish you much peace,
as you need,
behind the madness
that life did not seem boring,
so lucky,
you not mad excess,
love above all things,
you never experienced the bitterness,
she did not feel lonely among men,
loving heart was always with me
and bright days ahead
and a lot of health and fulfillment of hidden dreams.

. duzo zdrowia i radosci 300x192

Happy birthday I wish you
you never stopped dreaming,
because dreams allow you to survive
all the most difficult moments.
To be able to give joy.
Let your tears will be only tears of joy,
and not sorrow.
To the sky above you was brighter
and that you are surrounded by friendly people.
Let your life is so
as you desire.